Man Boobs

My Richie Rich friend is going to be visiting from Paris soon and will be bearing gifts the likes of which I will never be able to match but at least can reciprocate a bit by getting her things that she might appreciate or not otherwise know about.  Read: books; music; joke presents.  She has two rough and rowdy boys (as rough as they get in Saint-Germain-des-Prés) so, upon special request, I’m looking online for some DC stuff (that’s the extreme sports clothing company, not the district or the comic book).  I came across this interesting item on Amazon:

Interesting not for the fact that its one of the few clothing items that doesn’t have the gargantuan DC logo emblazoned on the front of it but rather for one bizarre product feature:

Has “extreme sports” been expanded to include hot dog eating contests and/or hormone injections?  Is that why it is offered at a surprisingly affordable price?  May have to add to cart just to solve this mystery.


2 responses to “Man Boobs

  1. Ha! DC must be a subsidiary of Kramerica Industries.

  2. hee! are you team ‘bro’ or team ‘manssiere’?

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