I Want Asian Pacific Islanders to Get High

This evening I was finishing up my charitable giving for the year (Ramadan just ended, after all) and went to the leap.org site to give my whopping 25 bucks to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (don’t spend it all on one joint!). I could not find the Donate button anywhere and was very annoyed with them for having such a poorly laid out site. Finally along the side I found a mailing address and figured I’d just send them a check. Fortunately I happened to glance at the top to see that leap.org is the site of Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc.

The actual site for  LEAP, with a big Donate button at the top, is here.


3 responses to “I Want Asian Pacific Islanders to Get High

  1. at camp this summer zp made a paper box with a star of david, his name, and the hebrew word for charity which looks a lot like ‘zakat’. i explained to him what charity was and how when someone had enough money to take care of themselves, they should try to help others. some people don’t have food or a house or (racking brain to think of something he might care about) … toys like he does. stuff like that. he thought about it for a while and then said, ‘we should put some money in this box and then give it to aunty LB.’
    ‘why aunty LB?’
    ‘because she doesn’t have much money.’
    ‘what makes you think that?’
    ‘because she doesn’t have many toys and we can give her money so she can buy toys for BSG.’


    btw, tp needs to raise $2500 this year for ayuda as a board member so if you are still rolling in charity dough, you can do it online and add a note saying ‘on behalf of tp’ or else write a check with ‘referred by tp’ at the bottom.


  2. the hebrew word for charity which looks a lot like ‘zakat’

    or it could have been a tribute to a beloved singer.

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