Public Service Announcement: The Kumars and Stephen Fry

Dear Netflix subscriber who is racing madly through the Instant Queue but got distracted when you saw that The Kumars at No. 42 is offered and had no choice but to bump it to the top of the list:

Do not panic when you hone in to view the episode in Season Two identified as “Episode 6” and featuring “Stephen Fry” (love) and “Lesley Garrett” (only watchable b/c Fry is still there) and instead wind up with “Nigel Havers” (charming) and “Ronan Keating” (who?).   Somebody mixed the two up and what you should really aim your cursor at is “Episode 3” to get your Fry on.  Or, you can go ahead and cancel your Netflix immediately and just watch it here with horrible sound quality.


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