Ramadan 2011 To Do List

1.  I’ll be thinking about food all day long anyway.  Might as well put that to good use by compiling my favorite recipes and self-publishing the cookbook I had been thinking about: “Baji’s Bites”.  Also consider self-publishing family memoirs with Mom so that AP, ZP, and BSG can also appreciate gems such as “I am not an acrobat,” “saurday aloo,” and “you promised that the next time it rains, we would have pakoras”.

2. Research my flexible spending program and decide whether or not to proceed with Lasik eye surgery this year or next.  Thanks, vomitrocious preview for Final Destination 5, for nearly completely putting me off of that decision.

3.  Donate books to the library to make room for the shipment of books that will be transferred from my parents’ house to mine in September.

4.  Cancel Netflix.

5.  De-jackify the house.

6.  Lop off my hair.

7.  Cleanse soul, donate to charity, and all that good stuff.


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