Shameless Self-Promotion (and by ‘self’ I mean ‘my family’)

Snippets From My Life: Hong Kong And Beyond by Sardar Ahmed Bhatti (aka my grandfather’s baby brother).

Sardar Ahmed Bhatti was born in Hong Kong, the fifth child of a family of seven children in the year 1924. Schooling came to an abrupt halt when the Japanese attacked Hong Kong and took over the island on Christmas Day 1941, leading to four and half years of civil internment. When the Allies won the war the family returned to undivided India. It was a period of survival of the fittest. On arrival in India he joined the Royal Indian Air Force followed by his two elder brothers Raja Aziz Bhatti and Nazir Ahmed Bhatti. Soon after partition, Sardar Ahmed Bhatti was transferred to Pakistan Air Force with Aziz Bhatti in the Army and Nazir Ahmed Bhatti in the Navy. Raja Aziz Bhatti was martyred in the India-Pakistan war of 1965 and Nazir Ahmed Bhatti died in 2009. This book is a collection of anecdotes which throws light on the family’s life in Hong Kong on the eve of World War II, with particular focus on the writer’s relationship with his elder brother Raja Aziz Bhatti, the transition to Pakistan at the time of partition and life in a country which was learning to grapple with all the problems that a newly emerged state faces, with the additional burden of enmity with its neighbor and rivalry for a place in the world which would mark it as a distinct entity in the comity of nations.

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