ISO: Gojira

Ten stories tall, scaly green skin, thunderous voice. Last seen carrying a gently loved, oven-safe frying pan. Please report any sightings. No reward offered.


3 responses to “ISO: Gojira

  1. Ha! Just follow the trail of neon green snot (matches her scales) and you will find her…

    p.s. I heart my oven-safe frying pan. It has already produced one terrific tortilla and many delicious fried onions.
    p.p.s. “Gojira and the Oven-Safe Frying Pan” will be the first in a series of award-winning children’s books.

  2. hasn’t the NY summer heat blasted that out of your system yet?

    yay!!! i was making it when i posted that, btw. so happy to hear you’ve used it and with such great results!

    please put my name down for five pre-order copies. signed.

  3. No, it’s weird. Sinus infection is gone, but ear pain, deafness and general cold symptoms persist. I blame the arctic temps of my office. Tomorrow I bring a poncho.

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