Conversations with ZP

ZP: Mommy, can you help me play this computer game?
Me: Okay, let me lie down for five minutes and then I’ll help you.
[exactly five minutes later]
ZP: Mommy, it’s been five minutes.  Now can you help me?
Me: [sigh] Okay, what is it?  Do you need me to read the instructions?
ZP: No.  I’m trying to trick the computer to think I’m nine years old but it’s not working.
[screen shows that a password is required and he has already typed ‘zain 9’ in the field]

ZP: Nani, did your mom die?
Nani: Yes, she did.
ZP:  And your dad?
Nani: Yes.
ZP: And Babu’s mom?
Nani: Yes.
AP piping up to join the conversation: Three die!

[after picking up zp from camp which is held at the JCC]
ZP: Shabbat Shalom, Mommy!
Me: Um.  Walaikum Asalaam?


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