Game of Thrones

It took a while to get a hang of the show because I have a hard enough time learning someone’s name in real life let alone keeping track of it in a fictitious universe of kingdoms and a-plague-on-both-your-houses type of houses. In one scene, a character tells Ned that Robert has “more bastards than you” and I was honestly confused for a moment that they just revealed that Ned was Robert’s son.  Which is crazy because I could have sworn that Robert loved Ned’s sister making him an incestuous father to his daughter … not that such a tiny detail would have stopped someone in this wacky show.  Point is, I have figured out a way to identify the families (but what’s the point of learning someone’s name when he/she ends up on a pike/pyre/whathaveyou the next second?) and their grudges and now I’m all caught up for the show to start up again next year by which time I will have forgotten everyone and everything.

Speaking of “caught up”, do you ever have a phrase that, when you say it or even think it, a song pops into your head and you can’t shake it?


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