Friday Afternoon Music Jam: Sonic Youth

I had a little mandatory downstairs downtime today while I waited for my Red Fork pizza to finish baking in the oven.  Our trip to and from Philly was very pleasant road-trip-music-wise thanks to the playlist I made before we left but I realized that there were many artists missing from my itunes catalog and so I foraged around for my busticated old CD collection to rectify that.  One of the CDs I found (which features the above tune) hearkened back to my college days: Never Mind the Mainstream: 120 Minutes.  Both volumes!  Memories of when MTV actually used to play music!  New/Old music to listen to in the car!  I used to adore soundtracks and compilations because I loved the music but also because of the value (come on, the best songs by favorite artists without having to purchase 10 different albums.  canjoose alert!).  BUT WAIT!  Disaster strikes.  My fancy, futuristic Mac is shunning my ancient compact discs.  They aren’t scratched.  They aren’t smeared.  They aren’t loading.  OH, THE HUMANITY!


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