It drives me mental when the mail delivery/UPS/FedEx person rings the doorbell or knock on the door loudly, aggressively, and more times than once.  Like, ringing ten times.  Like, issuing “a cop knock“.  I wanted to burst into tears when they did it just after I got an infant to go to sleep.  I wanted to ignore it when I just got out of the shower and they are desperate to deliver their package.  When it happened recently, I yanked open the door and gasped, “OH MY GOD!  WHAT HAPPENED?!  IS MY HOUSE ON FIRE?  DID YOU CALL THE POLICE?  WHAT’S THE EMERGENCY?  DID YOU SEE A BURGLAR ESCAPE FROM MY SECOND STORY WINDOW?!”  The UPS dude was embarrassed enough (whether by my antics or his own bad etiquette) to smile sheepishly.  When he smiled, I calmed down and advised him, “you know, one ring is really enough.  I’m old.  It takes me a while to get downstairs, find the key, and open the door.”  He promised he would never do it again.


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