Barbaji Dream House

I’ll miss AdMo: the spitting-distance proximity to the grocery store, the metro, the school, the parks, the restaurants, the doctors, and TP’s office downtown; the eclectic mix of neighbors who keep an eye out for one another and hold impromptu front porch/playground parties; the street cred gained from sticking here for five years and raising two children in the city.

But, I reckon it’s time to move on (space, safety, and looking-to-the-future issues) and if so, then I want our next house to be baby-bear-porridge.  Our 105 year old house has held up well in providing us with what we needed (foremost, getting away from our crack-dealing neighbors and their insane dogs in our old ‘hood) but if we are going to move, then the next house has to have the following (in no particular order):

  • Good schools (debate between DC’s premiere public school and any of MoCo’s public school rages on).
  • Close to the Metro (for easy access to both of our offices as well as the city in general).
  • Lots of light (duh).
  • Excellent kitchen (those Spanish Tortillas and haleem and cookies and salsa and gelato don’t make themselves in a cramped space, ya know).
  • Five bedrooms minimum (or four bedrooms and an office).
  • Three bathrooms minimum (with at least one on the main floor – the lack of one here has been the biggest bane of my life in this house).
  • Washer and dryer (I can’t believe there was a time when I had to truck my unmentionables to a laundromat and hoard quarters for same for years; I’m pretty sure any house that meets the above qualifications would meet this one too but it had to be said).
  • Garden for flowers, herbs and veggies, maybe even a fruiting tree or two, but not so big a yard that we have to mow it all the time.
  • Parking for two cars (preferably one that does not involve the do-se-do dance we perform every week now due to street sweeping and zone restrictions).

Those are the basics.  Now for the “Dream” part of the “Dream House”:

  • Covered front porch with swings and overhead fan.
  • Small garden (see above) but walking distance to Rock Creek Park (or equivalent) where we can enjoy nature without having to groom, trim, weed, or otherwise take care of it.
  • Close to grocery store, shops, and fun stuff but far enough away that we aren’t disturbed by visitors and/or carousers coming to enjoy the same (had enough of that in this hip neighborhood, thank you very much.  Waking up to drunkards on our front steps or, worst ever, van-a-rockin’ in our back yard has lost its charm).
  • Mosquito-free.
  • Snow-plow friendly.
  • Bay windows.
  • Brick and/or stone and/or Moorish architecture.
  • Fire place that never needs restocking or cleaning.
  • Playroom that never needs restocking or cleaning.
  • Spacious guest room that is frequently filled.
  • Gigantic library.  The kind that needs a ladder to reach the top shelves.
  • Near a golf course. And the beach and the ocean. And the mountains and national parks.  And the city and the country.  Surprisingly, this will be an easy feat if we stay in this area.

2 responses to “Barbaji Dream House

  1. yay guestroom!

    We’ll need some vacations from blacksburg, VA 🙂

    Also your housing needs = kinda similar to ours. I’ve been craigslisting for a while re: blacksburg. Thankfully we have 3 months of temp housing before we have to make any sorts of decisions.

    miss you guys

  2. that’s great! you can scout the area while you are in your temp house before committing to anything. perfect! looking fwd to yr next visit and ours to you!

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