In Which I am Shocked by the Netflix Top 100

For YEARS (plural, man!), the movie Crash has been reigning supreme at the top of Netflix’s Top 100 DVD listThis article from 2007 was complaining about it then.  It’s now 2011 and as a lark, now and then, I say to myself, “meh, let’s see if Crash is still A Plus Number One Awesomesauce.”  I saw the movie in 2005 and apparently enjoyed it [note, were I to see it today, I doubt I’d give it anything higher than a C-] but was constantly flabbergasted as to how it held on so tenaciously to its top billing.

You can’t imagine my surprise when I lazily checked in on the site today [on my last disc of Mad Men and have added The Mentalist but wanted to find some backups in case this show failed to deliver] only to discover that Crash has finally been bumped off of its throne.  The surprise was intensified when I saw what gave it the boot (The Bucket List?  Really?) and then compounded yet again when I saw that Crash is not even on the Top 100 list at all anymore.  What gives, Netflix?  Are you allowing monkeys to determine which movies get what ratings?  Monkey who appear to have a penchant for movies that feature characters who “tear up the road in supercharged cars”?


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