I Love it When a Plan Comes Together


10amish – tp and baji will stroll down to the metro to pick gojira up.  american accents will inevitably scatter to the four winds and morph into anything but.

brunch o’clock – spanish tortillas with mango lassi [note, mango pulp not yet found in our hood and may need to travel across district lines to acquire it so lassi may be delayed until the next day].  baji will discretely avoid looking at the bags under gojira’s eyes and turn a deaf ear to gojira’s complaints that she is exhausted.

gup shup

2:00 or thereabouts – drop off tp and zp [and possibly babu] at the game, eat at kotobuki [with or without ap], return to collect the champions and prep for naps.

naptime – nap.

eventide – haleem orgy pre-or-post-or-no stroll around the hood to pick up birthday cake from kogibow.  bubble tea has gotten mixed reviews but am certain that gojira will play the guinea pig and proffer her own review.

closing time – gojira sits on the sofa propped up by many pillows and tries to watch tv over her engorged belly [pilkington, mitchell & webb, and many other gems available on demand] while baji and tp scrounge around to make stuff for the party on sunday and tame the beasts at the same time.


crack o’ dawn – valiantly attempt to keep ap and/or zp quiet enough so gojira can sleep in.

10amish – gather all supplies and humans and head over to lb’s.

pre-party – ooh and ahh over bsg.  mock kg.  resume cooing over bsg.  say hello to lb.

party – send virtual glares to the absent robbinses but try to have a good time anyway.  rejoice because most of our favorite people will at the party!

post-party – ____________________________________________


4 responses to “I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

  1. Can’t wait! But re bubble tea, nothing can top the one TP and I had in Chinatown that we suspected the shopowners had been soaking their feet in.

  2. a review: “It’s far too sweet, the texture of the tapioca is far too gummy, and there’s always a chalky residue at the bottom from the drink mix.” so, you know, there’s hope yet!

  3. Thanks for the strikethrough! Glad we could make it at least for a bit.

  4. so glad you could make it too! thx for the company and the prezzies!

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