Angry Buffy

With all the mashups out there (Sesame Street, Reservoir Dogs, Star Wars), why has nobody designed an Angry Birds/Buffy set?

yellow bird: buffy
red bird: willow
blue bird: xander
black bird: spike
white bird: giles
green pigs: vamps

Come on, people!  ZP’s birthday cake is not going to bake itself!


2 responses to “Angry Buffy

  1. Muffie Potter Aston is wealthy but has no class–dresses like a teenager with her breasts hanging out–plastic surgery disaster if one ever existed

  2. are you saying that you think an angry birds/muffie potter aston mashup would be a bad idea? i’m pretty sure that a video game featuring hanging-out breasts would be pretty popular. a cake too, for that matter.

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