You’ve Been Salted

Among the litany of confidence tricks including the “Stranded Traveler Scam” (“I need to know why you slept with my stepfather” … “he said to me that he love me that is why; and i wont lie to you i love him also” is an exchange worthy of David Thorne), the “Spanish Prisoner” (one of the last Steve Martin movies I enjoyed), and “Street Mechanic” (which wiki identifies as a Baltimore scam but which was in full force in DC a few years ago when some shady characters tried it out on me.  Successfully.), is “Salting the Mine“. The scam basically involves a con artist planting gemstones or gold in an otherwise worthless mine to dupe the mark into believing the mine is valuable without further investigation.  A modern day version, in my mind, is when someone gives the appearance of delivering a legitimate briefcase full of money when actually only the top bills of the stacks are $100s but the bills below are $1s or, worse, just paper.

make it rain if you have to but check the stacks out! also, maybe don't wander around the streets of DC with this wad of cash in your pockets.

Looks like that Indian publishing company salted the Cinderella book they offered Gojira because after the first dazzling 3D pages where the images pop even if the text doesn’t (first page: “Once upon a time… There lived an unhappy young girl.  Unhappy she was, for her mother was dead and her father had married another woman, a widow with two daughters.”), the rest of the book contains simple black and white drawings.  Now, I’m not looking a gift Gojira in the mouth (mostly because there will probably be nothing but streaky bacon in there and I really do appreciate her thinking of the old babies), but just thought I’d caution her not to judge a book by its 3D cover without flipping through the pages to see if the entire book is similarly dimensioned.

ps: I insist on reading any book generously donated by Gojira in a burly Scots brogue so the book was enjoyed immensely.  By me, anyway.


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