Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Buffy!  I never watched anything you were in before BTVS and only bits and bobs of your appearances in crummy movies after but you still hold a place in my heart.  Yes, I know that the actor SMG (whose birthday is today) is a separate entity from Buffy Summers (whose birthday is some time in mid-January) but I think we can all agree that the character is much more likable (or in Gojira’s case, much less detestable) than the actor who portrays her.   As we discussed here, I don’t distinguish names between the two.  I actually don’t know much about SMG as a person other than she didn’t get along with Joss which, come on, how is that even remotely possible?   He’s clever and funny and charming and modest and loyal and … really, I’m just going to re-wrap my birthday greeting to SMG as an “I love you, Joss” greeting instead.

Also?  Happy Birthday and I love you, [radio edit]


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