Mad Men Spoiler?

I can’t believe one of the big “surprises” of the Season One finale was that Peggy was pregnant.  Did they think they were being subtle with her face exploding the way it did for pretty much the entire second half of the season?  They should have had the big Don/Pete showdown as the finale rather than the penultimate episode.  Stupid schedulers.  I hope the rest of the seasons are better put together because with this looming federal government shut-down ahead, I’m going to have a lot of free time on my hands pretty soon . . .

Also, MAN, that man can sell anything.


3 responses to “Mad Men Spoiler?

  1. honestly, i think each season gets stronger. it’s one show that hasn’t hopped over any watery carnivores yet.

  2. glad to hear it! i wish the fates would help me out here – Netflix doesn’t have it on streaming and AMC is only showing “disc 2” on On Demand which I already have but I have to wait for the DC library system to locate “disc 1” before I can start it. I have been filling the gap of waiting by watching Jon Hamm on SNL and have been greatly pleased by his performances.

  3. Ask and ye shall receive!!! Or at least I shall! Netflix to start streaming first four eps in July!

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