Love That Movie with Lenny and The Six-Fingered Man and … Harry Shearer

Jason G’s “actors he knows by character name” list is pretty accurate for me too (just replace Paul Giamatti as Pig Vomit with Ed Harris as John Glenn) and got me thinking of my own list.  Some times I can only come up with the character name (“Guildenstern was so good in Pulp Fiction” or “I wonder if Captain Picard will make a cameo in the new X-men movie”) and when that doesn’t work, I rechristen the actor with the entire movie/show title.  In a recent discussion with LB about how far behind I am on Dexter, I said, “the last episode I saw was when he took 10 Things I Hate About You to the river with the floating canisters”.  All the pretty ponies in Joss Whedon’s stable will always be known by their character name for me.  She’s always Buffy.  She’s always Willow.  He’s always Angel.  He’s always Spike.  She’s still Faith even though she tried so hard to be Echo.  NPH managed to break out of his Doogie mold and was reborn as Dr. Horrible.  Ah, the power of Joss.  If only it could be harnessed and converted into sustainable energy.

xo, stands with a fist, miami vice, apollo, bridget jones's diary, starbuck, agathon, six, boomer.

wrestling ernest hemingway, old lady in a room with a view, alan rickman, emma thompson, lupin, rosencrantz, lucius, english patient, nobody, young lady in room with a view


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