In Which I am Forced to Shop for Athletic Cups

T-ball practice has begun and one of the requirements is that the boys must all have athletic cups.  Never having seen one let alone purchased one in my life, I was filled with trepidation and tried to palm the errand off onto TP.  Alas, I worked my arse off for the last several weeks and am semi taking this week off/easy and have more free time to search for one than he does.  My first stop was Target but the smallest size they had was “Large” for boys at 55 lbs minimum.  I think ZP is around 10 lbs soaking wet so I surreptitiously searched for the “Pee Wee” size in vain.   Nada.  I might trek over to one or another sporting goods stores but there are none within walking distance of me and so I may just fall back onto good old Amazon where I can anonymously order it and be done with it.  But how can I order the right one when I keep getting distracted by reviews such as “my son’s little man is happy and safewhere the author stated “he wairs tighty-whities under the provided brief.”

I got side-tracked at one point when I discovered that the customers who bought related items to Mueller Youth Supporter Flex Shield with Cup also bought “White Men’s/Womens White Suspenders” (suspenders so white, they named the color twice?), a Black Felt Bowler Derby Hat, a Cane Sword, and Modlashes.

Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well.

I’m staring at the items trying to piece the theme together and then I figure it out.  And I shudder.  Violently.  I’m pretty sure I don’t want ZP to engage in any Clockwork Orangey behavior so I think I’ll stick with the Pee Wees.

possibly the scariest movie i've ever seen


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