Five Months from Now

I’m counting down the days when our nanny-share ends and AP starts school.  It’s not just that I’m excited for AP to join her brother in their quest for education, social development, and finally getting to carry a backpack.  It’s the savings (bank account, paperbacks, sanity) that I’m also excited about.  Yes, I’ll miss having someone feeding the kids, teaching them Spanish, taking them to the library several times a week, but . . .

  • We get to park in our parking space!  Unless you have a special residential sticker, you can only park for two hours at a time on my zoned street.  We’ve been allowing the nanny to park in our single parking space behind the house and the do-si-do of shifting our car from the back on Mondays, and also moving it from one side of the street to the other on street-sweeping days (twice) is blessedly coming to an end.
  • No more high chair!  No more diaper station (and the accompanying stinky diapers that go with it)!  No more difficult-for-grandparents-but-ZP-can-open-it child-proof gates at the stairs!
  • Relief for the wood floors!  Our nanny is sweet, loving, and always patient but her heft has done a number on our floors where she scrapes the dining room chair back and forth during breakfast/lunch.  I hope we can repair the damage but at least it won’t get worse.
  • We will save nearly $20,000/year.  Wow.  I mean.  Wow.
  • We can put non-board books on the lower shelves again!  Granted, most of those lower shelves are dedicated to the kids’ books so not many of our paperbacks will be housed there, but at least our kids’ paper (rather than board) pages will be safe from destruction.  Señor Temper Tantrumo likes to rip out pages from our books (along with coloring on our walls, throwing toys, and hurling food which brings me to my next point).
  • The house will be cleaner and quieter!  Right now, I get the kids ready in the morning and pick up ZP at 3pm so my work day is really compressed and it’s hard to concentrate until everyone is gone around 10am.  I’ve been cramming as much work as I can in the max five scant hours I have some peace and then dabbling a little here and there when I can.  When Mr. and Mrs. Shrieky McGee are out, I’ll be so productive I won’t know what to do with myself.  Lie.  I have so many books and shows and movies I have saved up over the years that I might actually be able to make a dent in them.  In fact, I’m going to celebrate right now by starting Mad Men, Season One.

2 responses to “Five Months from Now

  1. way off topic: when i read “AP” in your posts it’s pronounced like “app” which means i keep expecting to hear that you’ve been sued by apple.

    maybe you don’t have to worry about it until AP tries to open a store

  2. good luck to apple if they try to mess with me on any trademark issue. [insert vague threat regarding slip of a finger to delete entire history of their registered trademarks from the system but JUST KIDDING PLEASE DON’T FIRE ME].

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