I read somewhere that blogging is better than facebooking because at least on a blog you can claim your own intellectual property rights, access archives (assuming your host doesn’t implode), and some other pros outweighing the cons that I can’t remember right now but do remember agreeing with back then.  Social networking is great for instant satisfaction but before you know it, your updates and comments are buried under “older posts” that require more clicks than this old gal can handle.  With all the glitches FB is seemingly constantly facing, you never know what’s going to happen to all of your beautiful turns of phrases, your displays of heart and soul, your diary of daily.

I’m Luddite enough to have the urge to compile and print hard copies of all of my musings, inanities, and whatnots in case this new fangled interwebs of pipes breaks down and all is lost.  With that in mind, I’ve rescued my FB status updates from the last year and a half, emailed it to myself, and printed it out for ZP and AP to enjoy/be embarrassed by/be horrified at later.  Here is 2009 when I distrusted FB so much that I opened the account under ZP’s name and confusion abounded:

  • wishes LB a very happy birthday! xoxoxo
  • can’t wait for the big shariff/bhatti hoedown in one week!
  • Happy Father’s Day to his most beloved Daddy and Babu!
  • really hopes for a window seat on the plane otherwise snakes are going to be the last thing people will worry about.
  • is glad the family wasn’t on the red line metro today!
  • is showing an interest in how to spell words. too bad the words he wants to learn the spellings of are “poo”and “poo poo” and the like.
  • had the usual amazing, wonderful, too short, too funny, too much the too much time with the family and friends.
  • likes to count to ten and then have AP follow up with a loud “AH! AH! Ahhhhh!” like The Count does.
  • thinks that ‘aunty kamo’ and ‘uncle mismo’ are coming along with nani and babu next week.
  • can navigate his way through youtube all by himself once someone enters ‘pingu’ into the search field.
  • wishes he didn’t finish all the poppers aunty LB gave him last weekend
  • is housing a stinky, sleepy hijabman tonight so please ignore the police tape and big white tent around the house.
  • diner, office, whole foods, trader joe’s, rock creek park, sculpture garden, folklife festival at the smithsonian and top it all off with the playground…but STILL not asleep yet.
  • has a belly full of homemade in-n-out burgers, corn on the cob, and lemon tart
  • will be at open city cafe at noon today if you’d like to join
  • just went to Harris TeeterS where breyer’s ice cream is selling “buy two, get THREE free.” what choice did i have?
  • Epistrophy, Supper, Sunshine, Cake Shop, Il Laboratorio del Gelato
  • so long, suckers!
  • is the ugliest guyyyy on the lower east siiiiiddddeeee. awesome weather, awesome friends, awesome food in nyc.
  • is back in the swampland.
  • wishes daddy a happy birthday and offered to eat his black cake and help him with his presents.
  • is sad that our new(ish) ipod is kaput and won’t even turn on.
  • just saw hp6 in the balcony of a nearly empty uptown, ate some trader joe’s mac and chee, and is now contemplating a nap
  • is enjoying ‘human giant’ which is a lot like ‘mr. show’
  • just ended “row, row, row your boat” with the stanza “life is butteryyyy” and you know what? it’s true.
  • has studied his Agrippa.
  • is thoroughly pleased with apple’s genius bar
  • snuggled up to mommy and said, ‘i love you, mommy. you are my best friend.’ before turning his big eyes (and cheeks) up and sweetly asking ‘can i have some of that medicine?’ (note: he LOVES medicine).
  • just found out: “The first day of school is Monday, August 24.” GAHHHH!!!
  • waited with breathless anticipation to find out what happened to the brick-hoarding third piggy’s house and when mommy took too long a pause after the huffing and puffing demanded, ‘THEN what happened?!’
  • has booked tickets for florida in january. anyone wanna join?
  • is thrilled about the drugs, but the fever and nightmares about pirates? not so much.
  • ninja ropes
  • is glad the house smells like banana bread and mango lassi instead of diapers and spillage.
  • is curious to see who will be his replacement in the nanny share once he starts school. hope it’s someone cool.
  • is suffering from severe paci withdrawals but each day (i.e. night) is getting better.
  • willingly ate pizza (cold) and banana bread (which he helped make) without any struggle. his parents are still shell-shocked.
  • just deleted 50 old email addresses and is looking forward to the end of the year clearance on FB.
  • enjoyed going to meskerem and nam viet this weekend. not eating there, just going there.
  • just killed 4 mosquitoes bare-handedly. too bad their relatives got revenge on our arms, legs, and faces.
  • is NSFW after all these frakkin’ mosquito bites.
  • WOULD have gotten his brand new library card if not for the fact that the library was closed and will be for weeks. Now all he’s got to look forward to is his very first dentist visit.
  • is still full from the Eggspectation’s brunch of potato latkes, eggs, grilled tomatoes, and samplings of LB’s cinnamon rolls covered in fruit, yogurt, and almonds.
  • is shopping for a new school uniform: navy blue pants and white shirts.
  • just commented on dooce’s site. hee!
  • hates forgetting to do a nala-check and then not having the time to thread it through and having to go with outfit#208
  • was so desperate to read the new books from aunty maryam and uncle asad that he tried to read them in the car by the wan highway lights until Mommy, reminiscing her own freakish bibliophilic ways, finally turned the rear ceiling light on.
  • may or may not have just gotten a glimpse of Cristiano Ronaldo while driving back home this afternoon
  • is excited to try on his new spiderman underwear
  • can’t believe how lazy some government workers can be
  • just sold his nearly 20 year old a/c for $35. thx, craigslist!
  • had a deliriously good time at the downtown silver spring kids’ fountain followed up with a bite of a Fractured Prune doughnut and some pizza is trying to figure out the logistics: ap & zp in the same room? ap in the back & zp status quo? back with a full & crib or just rails along the full? cabbage & wolf in the same room and goat in the back?
  • really hopes that nothing could be finer than to be in carolina in the morning. guess we’ll find out tomorrow.
  • is rediscovering his southern accent
  • is back from north carolina where sweet tea and grits, big thunderstorms, and rednecks abound.
  • is half way through his first day of preschool at the newest (and hopefully best) DC public school.
  • survived preschool’s first day with no visible signs of trauma or reluctance to go back. whew! now if mommy can just get through the next three hours, all will be copacetic.
  • survived preschool’s second day with no intention of ever going back except, maybe, to see moxi
  • is getting better – still reluctant to go but at least no meltdown like the other kids. also, perversely pleased that most of all y’all are getting up at the same ungodly morning hours as we have been for years.
  • has been having an italian cream soda (tall glass of chilled seltzer, two shots of raspberry syrup, and a teaspoon of condensed milk) to break the fast every day this week. will consider trademarking/patenting this concoction as an ‘iftaar cream soda’.
  • has never uttered the acronym TGIF but after this week of preschool drama, he certainly applauds and embraces the sentiment.
  • just finished the first ep of ‘true blood’ – it’s no joss, but it’ll do. lol @ meekus.
  • went to the planetarium at the RCP nature center today and totally knew the answer about the sun being made of fire.
  • forgot how good ‘lone star’ was. thx, pbs!
  • cannot believe that there is a patent pending on a Global Eyelash Assessment scale, “a guide for measuring overall eyelash prominence.”
  • resents having his sentiments of “school is nice” uttered over the weekend thrown back into his face on monday morning.
  • is going to redirect YOU, 502 server error.
  • is pleased to report that there were no preschool-related tears and only minimal grousing today.
  • found out the hard way that archer’s farm’s (target’s brand) strawberry pomegranate italian soda = epic fail. should have been marketed as “sparkling robitussin” or “carbonated tylenol”.
  • netflixed ‘dollhouse’ ep. 4 and enjoyed every bit of it.
  • wishes mommy and daddy (but mostly daddy) a happy anniversary!
  • finally finished ‘oscar wao’ after only reading 1/2 on the way to NYC and then having to give it up since, after all, it was a gift for someone else.
  • had more fun pushing the stroller around the museums than he did with any of the actual exhibits; the only thing that trumped it was a spin on the merry-go-round.
  • is sad today: missing nanaji, remembering 8 yrs ago, and staring out at the rain.
  • is excited about the newest Bhatti in the family: welcome to the world, baby Hajira!
  • just had a juicy cheeseburger, crispy fries, and raw cookie dough for iftar
  • refuses to eat lunch at school and therefore just has breakfast around 8 and lunch around 330. however, he does, as he just informed me, like snacks.
  • is excited about ‘talk like a pirate day’ almost as much as he is about ‘eid’…
  • wishes his buddies a very happy international talk like a rosh hashanah pirate day. Ahoy and L’Shana Tova!
  • had chaand raat beginning and ending with beatles rock band (where even babu and TP joined in), wearing a slanket, and gorging on ghar-e-kebab and mom’s traditional snack tower in between. eid mubarrrrak, everyone!
  • reveals the new blog (co-created with gojira) that replaces the old blog. like grape or cherry snow cones, they are both favorites
  • needs to be reminded that lunch is okay again. today: sushi and frozen mocha. yay!
  • pities poor AP who had insult (so underweight we were advised to speak to a nutritionist) added to injury (three shots including a HALF a flu shot) today.
  • just uploaded 242 beatles songs and will be totally ready for the expert level next time.
  • wishes mommy a happy birthday but wonders if that’s really a good enough excuse for dark chocolate cake with chocolate chip frosting and a side of hagen daas brown sugar ice cream…
  • thanks everyone for the wonderful bday wishes! there is still some cake and ice cream left if y’all wanna swing by!
  • wants to be the fifth beatle and has decided that ‘hello goodbye’ will be his signature song
  • loves summer mix cds from gojira. *mwah*!
  • asked, “mommy, do you love me?” and when the answer was “yes,” his response was “i love daddy.”
  • just went to the local arts and crafts fair where, with those outrageous prices, they really put the ‘bastards’ in ‘crafty bastards’.
  • hopes LB and KG arrived in barcelona alright by now – unless they decided to make a parisian detour … ??? 😡
  • is tremendously displeased with netflix because on this rare night when zp and ap are actually asleep at an early hour, we finally get a movie night and the dee-wee-dee is scratched.
  • is glad lb and kg arrived safely in barcelona but is tremendously jealous nonetheless is learning about mail at school today and announced to everyone that his letter will be especially for his baby sister.
  • got his report card: demonstrates a solid grasp of all the concepts we covered last week. He recognizes his own name and can write it very well, he recognizes circles in the classroom environment, as well as the color blue. He also is making good progress in social/emotional development- he approaches other children on the playground to play and is making friends easily.
  • sat through an entire movie from start to finish and now knows everything there is to know about monsters, incorporated.
  • has the song ‘los pollitos’ stuck in his head
  • is dangerously close to cutting all live tv out completely. bored with ‘the office,’ disappointed with ‘dollhouse,’ so over ‘heroes,’ … help me, obi caprica! you’re my only hope!
  • just found out that the jcpenny giftcard can be used on sephora’s website which obviates the need to drive to maryland to use it…whew!
  • is very excited about punkin’ pickin’ this weekend
  • just finished watching season one of ‘gavin and stacey’ (not to be confused with ‘gavin and arlene’) and is anticipating the netflix’d ‘fringe’ arrival.
  • just made a heaping batch of chicken corn soup thx to aunty QB and MAB. tasty and good for warming up, especially on a dreary and chilly day like today.
  • can’t believe the bounty of clothes he got from adam bhai. *mwah*
  • just made a whole pan of lasagna using string cheese . . .
  • wishes uncle KG a happy, BRAAIINNNSSS-filled birthday
  • would be jealous of the 5th grader’s field trip to the french embassy if not for the fact that he’s got his own pumpkin patch/farm/petting zoo field trip coming up.
  • got a little carried away with his new safety scissors and cut a hole in the knee of his pants.
  • and francesca and moxi and the rest of the preschool crew had a rockin’ good time at the farm in jessup: hay rides, a variety of animals include a monsterous brahman bull, a baby llama, and a zebra (wtc?), and the first time in an honest to goodness yellow school bus (which may have been just as bumpy and exciting as the hay ride).
  • norbu j. kittycat is living up to her name: 1. she’s got claws; she knows how to use ’em. 2. loves tunafish 3. screeches like she belongs on a fence dodging hurled boots
  • freely admits that we buy the grape/strawberry nerds to give as halloween treats but end up eating all the strawberry ones before the giveaway day.
  • got his very first library card and in his excitement sorta mangled his signature and ran out of space
  • enjoyed trick or treating, turning the clocks back, and checking the smoke detector batteries and hope you did too!
  • DOMINATED duckpin bowling today.
  • doesn’t get many choices in his life but the selection of the day’s underwear is one he relishes and takes very seriously; it can take up to 10 solid minutes of careful deliberation and rejections before arriving at the final verdict.
  • got a new amazon card which now requires me to sign in and request my rewards to be mailed to me. BOGUS.
  • just called from the school nurses’ office after getting up close and personal with some pavement (alas, not the band).
  • was pleased to return to Friday BSG night if only for tonight.
  • tip of the day: “don’t say ‘dammit’ or the police will get you.”
  • is happy that the school principal knows his name. that’s mah boy!
  • wonders if he’ll be invited to sesame street’s 40th birthday party.
  • is proud of babu being recognized by the muslim community and being presented with an award by hamza yusaf no less!
  • is tucked under a tiger blanket watching ‘up’ and eating cardio ‘corn.
  • is enjoying a healthy breakfast of mashed potatoes and gravy with a side of three-chee’ mac n chee.
  • is listening to his salvadoran nanny practicing biz’s beat of the day.
  • is deliriously happy that it will be in the 70s today.
  • made chocolate chip cookies and a birthday card for his teacher – just in time for report card season!
  • just got his first (pilot version) report card.
  • is wearing a ridiculous combo of pjs and no less than 3 pairs of undies.
  • finally harvested the backyard parsley and made a fine mess o’ tabouleh, thank you very much.
  • was ecstatic that mommy came for the thxgvg lunch at school today … even if she DID make him actually eat lunch. at school. in front of other people.
  • is anxiously awaiting nani and babu’s arrival and has grand weekend plans all involving and revolving around him.
  • threw up all over the kitchen floor and, not to be outdone, ap threw up four times in her bed last night. girls rule, boys drool! happy t-day, y’all!
  • eid mubarak to all and to all a good night.
  • did some daddy/baby bonding by taking a spin on the vomitron together at the same time while mommy opted for privacy and a plastic trashcan. thank goodness for family and washing machines.
  • is charging up our new ipod touch – thx for the eid prezzie, nani!
  • wonders if anyone caught tp’s interview on bbc arabic?
  • is in kik alicha overdrive
  • is finally getting the snow promised him when we hit december.
  • is on day three and/or eight of being feverish. he’s hot blooded. we took him to the doctor today to check it and see. he’s indeed hot blooded.
  • is in dire need of 10 cc’s of TLC … STAT!
  • is finally starting to feel better and had pizza AND cereal AND an apple AND two cups of milk last night. astounding.
  • is ready for florida
  • is going to the Preschool Field Trip to the President’s Park for a Park Ranger-led tour of the “Christmas Pathway of Peace”, the National Christmas Tree and 56 smaller trees on Wed. nice perk of living here.
  • was a hungry little caterpillar tonight: ONE apple, ONE cup of yogurt, ONE bowl of goldfish, ONE cup of milk, ONE spoonful of peanut butter and pretzels, ONE oreo cookie and ONE bowl of mommy’s famous baked pakistani chicken and rice … and he didn’t even have the anticipated stomache ache that has been plaguing him these last few weeks. huzzah!
  • is going to perform “Jingle Bells” at his school tonight and hopes none of his classmates fall in between the bleachers or smack each other with the bells.
  • ‘s daddy just sorta kinda informally “by the way” gave notice to his boss. so long, WWC! hello, unemployment!
  • keeps thinking ‘thunder, thunder, thunder, THUNDERCATS!’ everytime the word ‘thundersnow’ is mentioned on the news
  • quite enjoyed ‘sherlock holmes’ which was followed up by a visit to kotobuki and a much deserved nap


  1. “is housing a stinky, sleepy hijabman tonight so please ignore the police tape and big white tent around the house.”

    You mean, there’s another one?!

  2. <— I can't read 😦

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