(Thursday Parenthetical)

(Upyernoz, you should read Air; it reminds me of Kazakhstan, even though I’ve never been.)


8 responses to “(Thursday Parenthetical)

  1. thanks for the recommendation! it’s still sitting on my shelf of neglected books. i originally bought it because it was a sci fi book about central asia, but that was before i went to kaz. maybe now in my post-kaz state i will be better primed to read it.

  2. It’s funny because it’s won or been shortlisted for every major science fiction award, but I don’t think it’s really science fiction at all. Well, other than that their form of the Internet is inside their heads, but I mean that’s just science future fact. In any case, it’s really great.

  3. it didn’t just get shortlisted, it actually won the tiptree award. i bought the book at a the sci fi convention that created the tiptree, so when i went that year everyone was going on and on about how awesome that year’s winner, “air”, was.

  4. “won or been shortlisted” mister nit picker…

  5. nitpicker? that wasn’t picking a nit. i just wasn’t paying sufficient attention

  6. you were picking the nit re: one line v. one sentence.

  7. yeah but who is picking nits now?

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