Recipe for a Panda-themed Baby Shower


  • Deliriously adorable panda-featured invitations.
  • Decorations nearly completely monochromatic (black and white spotted streamers, black balloons, white tablecloth, black and white plates, black and white utensils) with occasional relief of green (bamboo in vases hither and yon).  Panda diaper cake provided by currently pregnant guest otherwise hostess would have no clue what the hell a diaper cake was.
  • Guests nearly completely monochromatic (black and white outfits requested ahead of time for group picture later) with occasional relief of green (when a single guest claims she did not get the memo).
  • Games including “guess how many black and white gumballs are in this jar” and “name as many black and white items you can in two minutes”.  Note: not a single guest wrote down “panda”.  Note: “two minutes” was really “however long it takes me to settle AP down in the other room and then I’ll be right back”.  Note: self-played guessing game of how many guests arriving wearing b/w does it take before LB figures it out.
  • Treats featuring cookies stamped with panda pictures, candy-filled favor boxes with panda cartoons on the bottom of each and chopsticks to go with them, panda-decorated cupcakes, and sour cream chocolate chip cake (hey, it’s black and white too)

Recipe: Beg for help from half of the guests, stir, and serve.


6 responses to “Recipe for a Panda-themed Baby Shower

  1. aw thank you so much for the awesome shower, it was SO FUN!!! xoxo

  2. glad and relieved to hear it. 🙂

  3. What did you use as panda theme party favors? We are having a baby shower for my sister who is crazy about pandas, but I am having a hard time finding favors for the guests that are panda themed. Suggestions?

  4. i gave out fancy chopsticks bound together along with the usual baby favor box with candy inside. the box was clear so i printed out some panda cartoon faces and cut them to size and inserted one into each. lastly, as prizes for the winners of the games, i gave out the lucky bamboo in cute vases from ikea (see link above). voila! if you can find some inexpensive beanie baby pandas, those would be good too – i think any party store or toy store would have them. other ideas could be any regular baby shower favor but in black and white. good luck and congrats on the newest addition to the family!

  5. Ohhh–those were panda cartoons? With the ribbon around the box, they looked like sushi!

  6. lol! each one had a different face so maybe yours looked more edible than others. be glad you didn’t one of the angry or crying ones!

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