Monday Morning Comedy Jam: Monty Python

In honor of MLK, Jr. Day, I wanted to post a clip of Chris Rock’s bit but couldn’t find any vids.  Instead, you’ll have to make do with the text:

When we got no leaders,
when something happens...   
we make the shit bigger than it is.
lt's big, but don't make it bigger than it is.
l'm watching the news, and like,
''Tupac Shakur was assassinated.   
''Biggie Smalls, assassinated.
Struck down by assassin's bullets.''
l'm like, ''No, they wasn't!''
Martin Luther King was assassinated.
Malcolm X was assassinated.
John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
Them two niggas got shot.
Shit, l love Tupac, l love Biggie,
but school will be open on their birthday.
l don't think you'll see their pictures
hanging up in your grandmamma's living room.
''That's Abraham, Martin, and Pac.
And right here, l got one
of Jesus and Biggie on the seesaw.
Jesus always in the air.''

We need a leader.

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