Wrap It Up 2: Electric Boogaloo

Because I am nothing if not obedient, I heed the call of the Baj:

Best of 2010:

  • Music: I don’t know what came out when, but I keep listening to B.o.B.’s “Airplanes,” La Roux’s “Bulletproof,” and Shontelle’s “Impossible.” With a shot of Leonard Cohen in between.
  • TV Show: Damages. DAMAGES. Yes, the first season aired in 2007, but I just watched it last week so—counts! Two words: Glenn Close. Two more words: Ted Danson. Two more words: Closeted Dansonglenn. DAMAGES.
  • Movie: Winter’s Bone. I haven’t seen it, but I’m told it’s the best movie of the year and the only ones I saw in the theater this year were Knight and Day and I can’t even remember the other one. So I’m going with Winter’s Bone.
  • Book: The best book I read in 2010 was Growing Up by Russell Baker. The best books I read in 2010 that were published in 2010 were The King of Kahel and Sleepwalk With Me. Those were also the only books I read last year that were published in 2010, but they were both good.
  • App: Fruit Ninja!
  • Gossip blog: Dlisted, always and forever, for such gems as (on Justin Bieber) “Vanity Fair is obviously trying to overtake Highlights as the #1 magazine of every pediatrician’s office, because they have put the most famous lesbian toddler since Peppermint Patty on their cover!” and (on Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway) “From what I’ve seen these two have the sexual chemistry of a pedophile with OCD and an elderly hoarder.”
  • Biggest loss: Greg Giraldo.
  • Damn You Auto Correct: Good lord, take your pick

4 responses to “Wrap It Up 2: Electric Boogaloo

  1. i was JUST instructed to add ‘damages’ to my ‘to see’ list.

    will now add ‘dlisted’ to my google reader. considering booting lazy off of there b/c she didn’t give me my xmas present even though i sent it to her WITHIN THE HOUR OF HER POSTING THE OFFER because i’m touchy that way.

    i nearly fell out of my chair when i saw a post was up here b/c i was fully prepared to let 2011 be postless.

  2. Who instructed you, Lil Baji? It is amazing. Your message probably got lost in the shuffle—you saw how many there were and how conscientious Lazy is.

    You must also try Fruit Ninja on your iPap. Try the lite version first—it is a delight. My favorite is the sound the banana makes. So banana-y! I think Dlisted will be too foul for you. Which reminds me, I saw Hank Moody in the flesh the other day. (In the flesh, but clothed, for once.)

  3. no, one of our stalwart readers adnan. lb’s trying to get me to watch ‘gossip girl’.

    hmm, okay. i won’t unfollow her … yet.

    i saw fruit ninja listed as one of the top kids app. will def get it now. zp has run the gamut of angry birds (and is totally abusing the mighty eagle crutch) and is nearly finished with ‘the ladybug game’ (real name something like beyond ynth?) so this’ll be a good present.

    no way! did ye talk to him?

  4. admission: i thought that song was called ‘wish right now’.

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