Flight v. Invisibility

On our six-hour road trip to North Carolina recently we wanted to get the kids to nap and so, grabbing some tongs and some silicone gloves, I wrenched their smoking hot Disney Silly Songs: 20 Simply Super Singable Silly Songs CD from the player (three or four times around the loop was quite enough) and popped in Crimebusters & Crossed Wires: Stories from This American Life. The mellifluous and dulcet tones soon soothed the savage beasts and they were out before Ira could introduce the first segment.  One “act” in particular caught my imagination and now I will pose the question to you: Flight or Invisibility?

Superpowers do not come willy nilly, of course.  Rules:
1) You can have one superpower, either the ability to fly or to be invisible.
2) No one else has superpowers.
3) You can fly 1000 miles per hour.
4) Your clothes become invisible, too.
5) You have all your normal physical properties besides the one superpower.

Which would you choose?


6 responses to “Flight v. Invisibility

  1. I just listened to this too! Totally flight. Although I resent the implication at the end of the segment that I’m subtly being all holier-than-thou by choosing that. No, I really just want to get to Brooklyn to see my friends without having time for existential despair on the subway platform.

    Last night, we were discussing what not-quite-superpowers we’d choose. One friend said she’d like that whenever and wherever she got on the subway, her stop would automatically be the next one. Even if she was headed to, say, Paris. I could live with that too.

    What about you?

  2. yeah, they pretty much painted either choice as reflective of nefarious or arrogant personalities. i resented the outright statements that people who chose invisibility (my choice) have something to hide and are villainous. i just really want to be left alone when i’m out in public (on the street, in the metro, at the office) … especially when i’m on the airplane flying for free!

    going through the x-men roster, i think my favorite ability would be rogue’s: being able to absorb other abilities for a short time. i can’t help it. i like to sample. just look at my dessert plate.

  3. I’m with you on the invisibility. Flying sounds dangerous.

  4. much as i’d like to flutter over for a quick visit with you, i can just imagine all of the errands and favors i’d be asked to perform if word got out that i could fly. no thanks.

  5. flight baby! free travel is too good to pass up. it’s only dangerous if it doesn’t work (i.e. plummeting) but the entire premise is that it does work.

    and i would think that invisibility would be the dangerous one. the first day i turned invisible, i’d probably be run over by a car that didn’t see me.

  6. not plummeting but what about birds and chilly conditions and bugs in your teeth? you can still get free travel via invisibility! and the added bonus is that you can sit in the first class seats (there’s always one open) too.

    i’m assuming that the invisibility power can be turned on and off at will. and i’d try not to cross any streets while in stealth mode for just that reason. also, i wouldn’t fall asleep on the airplane for fear of someone sitting on me.

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