Little Women: Spoiler Alert

I was reading Lazy Reviewer (which is all I do now; I took three weeks off work and thought, maybe I’ll finally read Proust, or finish Moby Dick, but instead I decided to just read Lazy Reviewer because if you refresh it every other minute, THERE WILL BE A NEW POST) and it reminded me of one of the many instances in which my parents’ inability to do things normally ruined my life.

Like any child, I read Little Women. Cut to some years later. I’m at my friend N’s house, mentioned here before, and we are talking about Little Women, in between watching Auntie Mame while wearing ball gowns and discovering that nightshade and belladonna are the same thing (also while wearing ball gowns).

Little Women is awesome, says I.

Yes, but it’s sad when Beth dies, says N.

Beth doesn’t die! says I.

Yes, she does, says N.

Beth gets sick, but then she gets better, says I.

Yes, but then she gets sick again and then she dies, says N.

When I got home, I went directly to the bookshelf and pulled my copy of Little Women down. I flipped to the last page: There, in tiny print, beneath the last line of the book, read the following: “Have you enjoyed Part I of Little Women? Purchase Part II forthwith!”

And then I realized that Beth dies. And that you should always read the fine print.


3 responses to “Little Women: Spoiler Alert

  1. i like you. we should be friends.

    also, ever since you introduced me to it, i’ve been reading her stuff every day. several times a day. when does she have time to ride her horse? or hang out with her hunky hubby? or vice versa?

  2. hahahaha i’ve been stalking the Lazy Reviewer the past month or so, TOO! (first discovered because i spend wayyy too much time on tumblr.) i love her — and even moreso because she did all those recent ray bradbury book reviews AT MY BIDDING! i love reviewers who review things you ask them to. (and “recent” being a relative term, of course, because i’m pretty sure she’s written 573 new posts in the past week, since then.)

    also: what kinda publisher publishes Little Women in two parts!? GAH!

  3. I know, right? The publisher was kind of a jerk. And my parents probably didn’t realize, so I shouldn’t blame them. But I still do.

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