Good Eats 2.0

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my eatery list and since then some have closed (damn you, Vaccaro’s!), some have dropped in their ratings, and some have risen up the culinary ladder of deliciousness and made it onto the list.  So grab your chopsticks and dig in:

Baji’s Top Eateries Around Town:

  • Best Brunch: Rosemary’s Thyme Bistro. Not only is it around the corner from us, but the pide is smashing, especially when, on Sundays, they dollop a couple of eggs on top.
  • Best 24-hour: The Diner. Not only is it around the corner from us, but the root beer floats are amazing, especially when coupled with hot, crispy fries.
  • Best sushi: Kotobuki. Bite-sized morsels that melt in your mouth and at a great price.
  • Best Ethiopian: Meskerem. Maybe not as popular as the trendy, pencil thin Etete but at least my tummy doesn’t hurt afterwards.
  • Best Indian: Rasika.  Seriously amazing stuff including their famous Palak Chaat (crispy spinach).
  • Best South Indian: Udupi Palace. Woodlands.  It’s a bit of a hike to get there, but the all-you-can eat brunch with free dosas makes it worth it.  The grocery store next door is nicely stocked as well.
  • Best Spanish tapas: Jaleo. One of our go-to hits that pleases everyone.
  • Best Vietnamese: Nam Viet. Haven’t had a bad meal there yet.
  • Best Middle Eastern: Lebanese Taverna. Another crowd-pleaser that we often visit when money-bags parents are in town.
  • Best Pizza: Vace. Pete’s Pizza and Two Amy’s. Pete’s offers New Haven-type pizza and delivers. while Two Amy’s offers Neapolitan style pizza and requires driving.
  • Best Bagels: So’s Your Mom. Alas, since What’s-A-Bagel closed in Cleveland Park, the pickin’s are slim, but the bagels (and sandwiches) here are great.  Cash only!
  • Best Afghan: Afghan Restaurant. What the name lacks in cleverness, the cuisine makes up for in taste.
  • Best Kebabs: Food Factory. [tbd]
  • Best Mexican: Mixtec.Super Tacos.  Just click on the link and turn up the volume to get your first taste.
  • Best Guacamole: Oyamel.  Another of Jose Andre’s masterpieces.
  • Best Falafels: Amsterdam Cafe. Choose your own toppings, bring cash, and load up on fries.
  • Best French Toast: Open City. Not shy with the powdered sugar and creamy butter.
  • Best Seafood: Grillfish. Wide selection and since they specialize in fish, you can’t be steered too wrongly as, say, if you visited one of those mix of cuisine joints.
  • Best Ps’ghetti: La Tomate. The other dishes are great too but I love their ps’ghetti.
  • Best Gelato: Dolcezza. Pitango Gelato.  *dies*
  • Best Spring Rolls: Thaiphoon. Crunchy and veggie.
  • Best Thai: Nava Thai (good food but PITA to get to) but only because we haven’t had a chance to visit Ruan Thai yet.
  • Best Tea: Teaism. Lovely wares and calming atmosphere.
  • Best Coffee: Murky. Illy Cafe.  Not many coffee joints in the US can rival those in Europe but this one does.
  • Best Cannoli:  [still weeping over loss of Vaccaro’s]
  • Best Croissant: Patisserie Poupon. The plain ones are light and flaky and the chocolate ones have a generous slab of chocolate to satisfy.
  • Best Crepes: Cafe Bonaparte. There are actually two places in AdMo that are rated up there too, but the best I’ve had is at Bonaparte.
  • Best Cupcakes: Baked & Wired.  Who knows how long this ridiculous cupcake fad will last but while it does, this is the place to go.



6 responses to “Good Eats 2.0

  1. Yo, what happened to Food Factory?

  2. tragically, it has turned into a sports bar. I KNOW!

  3. did ye click on the super taco link?

  4. Just did. It is quite impressive.

    Sooper sooper sooper tacos!! … and bakery

    Brill. As for Food Factory, cannot handle.

  5. i know what i’m putting on your next mix cd.

    it’s intolerable, i know. good news is that ghar e kebab in silver spring is an excellent replacement. will take you there when you next visit.

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