Word of the Day: Farouche

farouche \fa-ROOSH\, adjective:

1. Sullenly unsociable or shy.
2. Fierce.

Solitary and farouche people don’t have relationships; they are quite unrelatable. If you and I were capable of being altogether house-trained and made jolly, we should be nicer people, but not writers.
— Elizabeth Bowen, Letter to the writer V. S. Pritchett


I don’t know if I’d be so arrogant as to call myself a writer but this still seems apt for the cantankerousness of the contributors of this here blog.


3 responses to “Word of the Day: Farouche

  1. Hmm, I think I can be farouche sometimes too, or at least sulky when you make me socialize when I didn’t want to, but I don’t think it’s given me any literary superpowers. Or maybe I just haven’t tried hard enough. Maybe next time I’m stuck in a stuffy party with middle aged women comparing the colleges their kids go to, I’ll take out a moleskin notebook and see if I can write something really angsty.

  2. sometimes i like to guess the definition of a word before reading it and in this case, i was wayyy off. i imagined it as a truncated slang word for ‘ferocious’ as in ‘man, don’t mess with ap; she is farouche!’ still works for me. so now i’m imagining you ferocious and sulky at a party. hee.

  3. yes on the word *farouche*, i like the word *panache* too…

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