Comedy Most Foul: Revisited

Thanks to AP’s obsession with all things princessy and fae (thankfully none of the Meredith Gentry characters. Amazon’s not kidding when they say “Despite the selkies, brownies, goblins, and ogres in this book, it’s not for children.”), the movie “Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue” earned the honor of being the first video ever recorded on our brand spankin’ new DVR.  As I was watching it with AP and getting drawn into the story, I found myself paying closer attention to the fairy known as Vidia.  Where had I heard that sneering, sarcastic, throaty voice?  It sounded so familiar but I just couldn’t place it and I’m usually pretty good at that kind of thing.  Who could be voicing this fast-flying fairy?  To the internets, AWAY!  Aha!  No wonder my synapses were misfiring.  The last time I heard this voice, it was spewing ear-defiling filth during a cocaine-induced rant.

ps – how is it that this and this are always among our “top visited” links time and time again?  who is searching for these people?!

pps – you were right.  i do love Pamela Adlon.

One response to “Comedy Most Foul: Revisited

  1. Someone needs to weave that video in with her turn here.

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