Day 3. A picture of your breakfast

On an average day, I make an espresso around 7 a.m. and that’s my breakfast.  On a good day, I get a little cereal in me but the bites are stolen between feeding and clothing my kids, packing a lunch, sending one kid to school and then running up to get my work computer booted up to review my emails and respond to urgent matters.  By the time another window of eating opportunity opens up, it’s nearly lunch time.  On the weekends, I might get to indulge in a Spanish Tortilla or even go out for breakfast at Tryst (usually when someone is visiting).  So, in order of regularity, here’s my breakfast(s).

illy coffee rather than nespresso but this is much prettier

it's the best of the bunch


tryst: mocha and a toasted everything bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon and the works


2 responses to “Day 3. A picture of your breakfast

  1. haha, this is the sister restaurant to open city where you demonstrated your intricate bagel w/ lox eating ways.

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