Thirty Day Photo Challenge [much more preferred over the Thirty Day Shred]

At Sara‘s behest and since I’ve pretty much run out of ideas lately, we at Bajira! present to you our submissions for the Thirty Day Photo Challenge.  The fine print:

  • There will be no recognizable pictures of us.  Any entry that asks for “photograph of you” may be read as “photograph of your food.”
  • There may be photographs of Gojira.
  • The photographs may be as new as a few seconds ago and as old as the early 20th century.
  • Any and all rules are subject to change, ridicule, and deletion

Day One: Photo of yourself

i'm the one throwing gang signs


10 responses to “Thirty Day Photo Challenge [much more preferred over the Thirty Day Shred]

  1. i am a thrilled at the prospect and project…

  2. you should do one over at flickrstan!

  3. flickrstan is as quiet as ISB at the moment – just posted a link above.

    my quota is full.

    *pats self on back*

  4. that’s a great start! now keep it up. and don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back so hard.

  5. hey, is this even allowed? it’s like the streams from the ghostbuster gizmos not crossing otherwise something really really really bad happens.

  6. dude, crossing the streams closed gozer’s dimension and in the process obliterated the marshmallow man. crossing streams is a good thing. now get to it.

  7. your pop culture knowledge base is truly creepy…

  8. your lack of such is truly disturbing.

  9. i was gonna say* something but i’ve forgotten it…


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