Monday Morning Comedy Jam? The Cheeses of France

I’d like to wish France the best of luck with its campaign to persuade the Hells Angels to eat more Bleu d’Auvergne and cartoonlike Asian men to eat more Brie. This seems like a very worthwhile endeavor. But I would have started by pitching the Brie to the Hells Angels. And why are they not pitching Etorki? Etorki is France’s most accessible cheese to Hells Angels, in my opinion. Of course, Etorki is Basque and therefore probably violates the Patriot Act, which is likely why the French Ministry of Cheese didn’t feature it.

On that note, I’m off to Frankfurt and Berlin today. I am told by a reliable source that if I go to Berlin’s Mitte neighborhood and ask where the Jews are buried, then go one block from there, I can find some delicious schnitzel. That’s not going to be awkward at all.

Posting by Gojira during this absence will, as usual, not occur; however, it will not occur on a six-hour delay for the next two weeks. Gojira thanks you for your patience.


2 responses to “Monday Morning Comedy Jam? The Cheeses of France

  1. bon voyage! glad you told me your were off b/c i was going to ship a prezzie off to you this week but now i can procrastinate even longer. at this rate, it’ll be a lovely bday prezzie.

    did you know that i have earned some notoriety in the trademark world as ‘the cheese queen’ because of my several entanglements with applications for various cheese marks?

  2. Yeagh! That’s a very disturbing ad. Have a great trip!

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