Google Instant Alphapretz

Totally got the idea from Boing Boing which I certainly visit much more often than I do Bank of America.  Get it right, Google!

A is for Amazon, my one stop store.
B is for Bank of America, which holds the jewelry i wore.
C is for Craigslist, to sell our baby gate.
D is for DC Metro, to see what’s running late.
E is for eBay, unused for a while.
F is for Facebook, even if it’s out of style.
G is for Gmail, how to contact me.
H is for Hotmail, though why I don’t see.
I is for Ikea, whose instructions I skip.
J is for Jet Blue, to book me a trip.
K is for Kings Dominion, an amusement park far away.
L is for Lowe’s, for the patio we may lay.
M is for MapQuest, to lead me astray.
N is for Netflix, Instant Viewing any day.
O is for Orbitz, to visit foreign nations.
P is for Pandora, my riot grrrl stations.
Q is for QVC, which I have never used.
R is for REI, they must be confused.
S is for Sears, haven’t been there in years.
T is for Target, there every week or so it appears.
U is for USPS, to mail my Netflix back.
V is for Verizon, because AT&T is wack.
W is for Weather, for here and for there.
X is for Xbox, at which like zombies we stare.
Y is for Youtube, for vids sublime and absurd.
Z is for Zillow, of which I’ve never heard.


2 responses to “Google Instant Alphapretz

  1. nice poem! but how the heck do you have time to do that???

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