Modern Science

I made homemade pancakes this weekend (FAIL – should just stick to Jemima Khala) but I left out the butter in the mix because I figured I would have enough on the griddle to compensate.  Oops.  They were alright but not nearly as good as the pre-made mixes and I suspect it was the lack of fat that was the culprit.  This got me thinking back to the instructions on the back of the mix boxes.  Did they require oil to be added to the mix?  If not, is there some powdered version already in the mix?  Is there such a thing as powdered butter?  Apparently, yes.

By looking at it you’d never guess it’s #1 ingredient is butter. Many people say, “I didn’t think you could dehydrate fat.” And they’re right.

Butter powder’s big advantage over regular butter is it’s non-perishable qualities.

Grammatical horror aside (and tangent contemplation of who these “many people” are), it’s an interesting product to have on hand in case of an emergency.  Bonus that it comes with extra punctuation.  I call them “catastrophe apostrophes.”


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