Monday Morning Comedy Jam: Emma Thompson

Bonus in case you missed it below: Stephen Fry in the OED!


11 responses to “Monday Morning Comedy Jam: Emma Thompson

  1. this is Marvelous.
    but the audience wasn’t impressed enough.

  2. I still remember watching this speech. Glad you dug it up!

  3. ft – i wonder if they were just so enthralled by her speech that they viewed it as drama rather than comedy. regardless, she is fantastic!

    gj – i’mma call you ‘the hoyden, emily cherlinkinson’ when next i refer to you.

  4. You know if you google “the hoyden,” the third result is a Louisville-based blog whose most recent entry is about “Love Is a Mix Tape” and whose 9th post is a photo of the feet of a cat. It’s as if someone mashed us up and stuck us on the Internet. Oh, no, wait, that’s this blog.

  5. freaky! she also appears to have a largely non-US fan base like us too! and supports the NYC burlington coat mosque! and enjoys rockabilly weekends! we like those too, don’t we?

  6. i am going to watch everything and anything Emma Thomson has ever been in.

  7. you’re in luck! i think “Nanny McPhee Returns” comes out this week.

    my top five emma moments:
    1. her appearance on “ellen”

    2. her stand up routine

    3. Dead Again

    4. Much Ado About Nothing

    5. Sense and Sensibility

    [admittedly, i did enjoy the first nanny mcphee]

  8. I never even knew about that Ellen appearance! Fantastic.

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