Thanks to KG’s generous offer of a user name and password to view HBO shows online (and to LB’s prodding of KG to share it with me), I am now fully caught up with this season of True Blood.  How I went this long without getting spoiler’d is beyond me.  I decided it was finally safe to read some of the recaps I had saved in my Google Reader.  I wanted to see if any other recapper mentioned the scene that tickled me to pieces (Jason asking Lafayette for something, prancing around like the bumbling dunderhead he is, and bonking his head on an overhanging pot in the process with neither actor breaking stride or losing his lines).  What to my wondering eyes should appear but a recap of a True Blood episode on a blog hosted by the auspicious Wall Street Journal.  Let me repeat that.  The Wall Street Journal.  Now, I have it on good authority that the Wall Street Journal is no longer a staid and stodgy business and financial news publication.  I feel like I even remember when the black and white paper introduced color to its pages.  But “this publication recently included the line “WILL I EVER GET MY MERMAID?”” is not an answer for which I would have guessed the correct question in a game of Jeopardy.  Ever.

p.s. – Mubarak to Anna and Stephen!


3 responses to “WTF WSJ

  1. Hello, my name is Baji and I have forgotten my HBO password. Please give it to me again. You can send it to Gojira’s email because I’ve also forgotten my email password.

  2. Too many crazy things are happening on True Blood. I haven’t watched yesterday’s episode yet, so no spoilers please. But seriously, I don’t care about any storyline, except for Eric’s (obviously) and maybe Lafayette’s.

  3. hi, baji! you sure are forgetful! in fact, you are so forgetful that you didn’t remember that the password was just stored on the computer instead of a code you can share. silly baji.

    sara – yeah, the show is all over the place! they need to regroup and focus. and show more eric and lafayette, natch.

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