2010 Bajira! Eid Gift Guide – or 1431 Bajira! Eid Gift Guide, as you please

While some of you are traipsing around New Amsterdam and enjoying daylight dining, some of us are in the middle of our annual dusk to dawn feeding month.  No, Twilight fans, this is one vampire-like event that you will not be interested in.  Observing Ramadan is challenging, it can be physically draining, and the only shimmery sparkles that might occur do so in your soul.  It does, however, have a lovely celebration at the end of the month of fasting which involves meeting up, eating up, and cashing in.  Kids often get eidee/eidi which is, to put it bluntly, cold hard cash.  The older you get, the less frequently you get it until you eventually graduate into gifts and/or a double- or triple-kiss-and-a-hug.  The number of kisses always throws me because I’m never sure when I should pull back or when I should go in for the hat trick.  But I digress.  Unless you are my fantastic parents, who have already given me my one-size-fits-all eidee, you may be at a loss as to what to give for Eid this year.  Fret no more.  The answers lie below.  Feel free to supplement and embellish.

For Baji: QI – The C Series – only because it’s the latest out on DVD here.  Otherwise, I’d ask for The F Series which not only had more David Mitchell but also had Emma Thompson and Rob Brydon.  But, hark!  Even The C Series appears to be unavailable on Amazon at the moment.  Since both series are unattainable, I’ll take That Mitchell and Webb Look which . . . hang on . . .  is only offered via Amazon U.K.  What the bollocks is going on?! (interro-denied!)  It seems as though my gifts are trying to tell me to move to the U.K.  Fine.  Alternatives I will grudgingly accept:  Tomorrow Morning by Eels, Zeitoun (Vintage) by Dave Eggers, or Emulsion Velours Velvet Hand Lotion by Diptyque.

For Gojira: The Cuter Scooter Necklace in case the Scissors Necklace desire has already been fulfilled.  The Wondermark Four Book Combo which, when she realizes she already has some of these books in her grasp and doesn’t have room for them anyway, she’ll send along to me.  The New York Times Crosswords app to keep her occupied on her upcoming trans-Atlantic jaunts.

For our gentle readers (click on your name to see what you get): LB, Yasmine, Sara, Fathima, Upyernoz, Pappu, Anjum, Abez, and you who have been too shy to comment in the last few months, you, over there, what’s your name again?  Remind me and I’ll tell you what you’ll get.


10 responses to “2010 Bajira! Eid Gift Guide – or 1431 Bajira! Eid Gift Guide, as you please

  1. Yasmine and I will wear our prezzies together. And I did get the scissors necklace! But I keep wearing the plane one instead.

    Also, Baji and I would like to state for the record that neither of us changed the layout of this blog; it appears to have done so on its own. Singularity is upon us. All hail the mighty machine.

    • I hear that LB got an airplane necklace too (story of the flight attendant mistaken identity was relayed in giggles and gasps). LB, stop trying to steal my friends!

      Yeah, what the shaq is going on? Our “recent comments” block is completely missing!

  2. Yay! Samurai Jack!

    You know, it’s been so long since I’ve had time for recreational cartoon viewing that I never even found out- did Jack ever make it home!?!?!

  3. I’m happy with my Eid gift – totally read my mind!

    I hope your Ramadan is going well. 🙂

  4. abz – i don’t think so! i think there is a movie planned with JJ Abrams at the helm. stay tuned!

    sara – glad you liked it! 🙂 all’s well here and hope the same for you.

  5. gosh. i’m going through google reader in reverse chronological order, so i only just saw this. and yes! i’m dreaming about that book. you’re good.

  6. glad ye like it! so. um. can i borrow it some time?

  7. course. after i’m done with it at the liberry.

  8. Amazingly enough, someone actually bought that Smiths box set for me for Eid. Thanks for putting it out in the universe!

  9. excellent! you’d be surprised how much of the wish list items from this post we actually received.

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