Alan Smithee

Alan Smithee” is a common pseudonym for a director whose film was clearly taken away from her/him and recut heavily against her/his wishes in ways that completely altered the film.

I recently wrote an article for my office’s online newsletter.  The article was informative, succinct, and witty.  Before publication, however, an editor described as “[radio edit]” decided to butcher it and tack his name onto it.  YIKES, the grammatical errors!  POW, the inelegant style!  GAH, the distasteful thought that even though I wrote the article, I may have to request that my name be taken off of it because I don’t want to be associated with this version.  Trust me, I love mutants as much as the next gal, but this aberration gives me the wiggins.  What to do?


4 responses to “Alan Smithee

  1. by the power of grayskull! i wish i had that power.

  2. Tell him that he has made so many wonderful changes and additions to it that you couldn’t possible take credit for the end result, and you would like your name removed. :p

  3. ooh, sounds like you have had experience in these matters! that’s a very diplomatic approach. if he ever gets back to me, i might use it.

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