Escape to New York Redux

To celebrate my birthday, TP is going to Madrid with his friend a week before I arrive in Barcelona. As revenge … Since turnabout is fair play … In exchange, to celebrate TP’s birthday, I am going to NYC to visit Gojira and am graciously allowing him to tag along.  Thus far, our itinerary includes a romantic dinner at Nobu (with TP staying in our rented apartment doing the NYT crossword puzzle) and, well, that’s about it.  Thanks to zoomdoggle’s FUN LIST NYC, however, the city and its environs are my playground!  Of interest:

  • Superhero Supply Co. to pick up some gear for ZP and KG (who was recently reported as being proficient in battling bad guys like ostriches and sharks)
  • Dylan’s Candy Bar in hopes of getting a contact high without actually purchasing anything
  • Urasenke Chanoyu Center to attend a Japanese Tea Ceremony so I can compare and contrast it to the one I attended in Hangzhou, China
  • Pomme Frites Inc. where the menu is completely dedicated to french fries
  • Hotel on Rivington rooftop for a view of the city even if we couldn’t afford an actual room there
  • NYParkour to learn how to run parkour because that would be so kick ass AND handy
  • Communist Party’s US HQ because I need a few more reasons to be closely watched by the feds
  • Play NYC Bingo

must remember to upload 'poison' to ipop

4 responses to “Escape to New York Redux

  1. Can you hear me say YAY? (Yay!)

  2. YAY!

    so what’s the haps, paps? when are you free to meet up? and what did you have in mind (if anything)?

  3. I’m working Friday and can meet up with you that night, plus whenever on Sat/Sun. I have nothing in mind, my mind is a blank. What does TP want to do (like we care…).

  4. sounds good.

    tp likes to kick. and stretch. and kick.

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