Happy Birthday, Eh?

Happy Birthday, Dadaji (a.k.a. “The Admiral”)!  He and I turn 90 today.  He attended the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, commanded a country’s entire naval fleet, and will spend this weekend babysitting ZP and AP.  I lay claim to turning 90 because that’s what most of my internets presence says.  Whenever I am requested to provide my birth date, I like to screw up their third-party-info-selling  databases and juke the stats by telling them I was born in 1920.  Anyway.  NINETY!  And, as you know, 90 is the new 50.

the original "ad mo"

Happy Birthday, Canada!  Thanks for maple sugar candy (which I first tasted on a trip to the Niagara Falls), Wolverine (the best of the X-men), and The Kids In The Hall (where I first learned that Canadians do not ski all summer).  I promise one day I will sample your poutine and then probably clog all my arteries in one fell swoop but you’ll share some of that tasty publicly-funded healthcare with me, right?

Happy Birthday (eventually), TP!  Hope you like your new ipop.  I’ve loaded it with all of your favorite tunes, the New York Times app, and plenty of games for the kids so they’ll give me mine back.


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