Introducing The All Gelato Diet

I recently acquired (translation: borrowed from LB/KG) an ice cream maker and have been experimenting every night with new concoctions.  Brown sugar ice cream (molassesy!), lemon lime sorbet (puckery!), dark chocolate gelato (blinding.  and by that i mean when you take your first taste of it, your eyelids slam shut in ecstasy and you can’t see for approximately twenty to twenty-five minutes).  I tried to sneak some watermelon away from TP and Babu last night but they totally bogarted the whole thing.  My homemade salsa is such a hit that I’m seriously considering making a sorbet version soon.  Until the test results are out on that, enjoy this photo and top five and, if you are so inclined to make a batch yourself, follow these instructions.

you know you are dying inside

Top Five Reasons Homemade Gelato is Healthier For You Than You Thought:

  • Less fat than ice cream
  • Fresh ingredients v. Processed Ingredients = TKO
  • Separation of egg yolks results in ample amount of egg whites which (if you are like me and hate to throw stuff away) means you can make healthier omelets
  • Less air than ice cream makes it denser and feel creamier and therefore you don’t feel like you need to eat more than a scoop
  • Small production unit means tiny portions doled out in a highly stingy manner means less calories and fat all around.

Update: upon seeing the gazpacho sorbet and the tomato and basil sorbet recipes, I tried my hand at salsa sorbet – not a complete FAIL but nothing I’d guzzle down and ask for seconds any time soon.  Half a teaspoon taste for all (if only to say we tried it) and now it’s back in the fridge to be used as regular salsa.


4 responses to “Introducing The All Gelato Diet

  1. Saffron gelato and cardamom gelato are next.

  2. mumkin, pumpkin. i just bought 4 kiwis for kiwi sorbet at your request.

  3. Whoa, a comment from the Teepster. That gelato must be good.

  4. i know! shocking!

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