Let’s Face It

I’m in the market for some new facial moisturizer but the choices are dizzying and endless.  Should I go with the $75 Darphin Hydraskin Light (which is what I’d like) or the $5 Kiss My Face Moisturizer Olive & Aloe (which is what my canjoose nature will probably end up with)?  Do I have dry, oily, or combo skin?  Olay, Aveeno, or Clinique?

Now that summer is upon us (though you’d not know it from the 59 degree weather we have today), maybe I should spring for something SPFy.  How about “the best sunscreen in the world”: La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Lait SPF?  Then again, I am a bit of a hermit and since the sun’s rays don’t often reach or breech my cave of solitude (not quite as glitzy as a fortress but certainly more comfy), perhaps I should go with something that is light and smells nice, like Aveda’s  Tourmaline Lotion or Kiehl’s tried and true Ultra Facial Moisturizer (why doesn’t Fresh offer pink jasmine in facial moisturizer form?).  I’ve already been spoiled with Gojira’s gift of La Mer (the Miracle Broth Journey?  Are you kidding me?) but I certainly don’t want to drop a ton of cash on myself.

So tell me, constant readers, what do you use?  What do you advise me to steer away from?  Come on, folks; I got a Mother’s Day gift certificate that, for once, I am planning on using for myself.  My days with the Kabuki Theater are starting to show on my face.


4 responses to “Let’s Face It

  1. Boring, but I use Oil of Olay with sunscreen. Every time I’ve tried to switch to something else, it’s mucky or irritating or something.

    And every time I tell some 50-something gay guy that he doesn’t look a day over 35 (and I’m not saying it just to be polite), he says, “Oil of Olay, darling.” OK, that’s happened only twice, but still.

    And thanks for teaching me the word ‘canjoose.’

  2. i’m stunned. i just posted a poll on my facebook page and the overwhelming majority has voted for olay! who knew! you guys, apparently! thx for the input. and you’re welcome for ‘canjoose.’ 🙂

  3. I always found it fascinating that Oil of Olay was called Oil of Olaz in France (and also in the Netherlands, incidentally).

  4. if i look for it in barcelona, will it be called oil of olé?

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