Hot Men of the Nineteenth Century

Nikola Tesla

Turn-ons: Turning things on
Turn-offs: Dinners by candlelight


Is pissed because Daddy took his T-Bird away.

Frederick Douglass

Blue Steel, is that you?


Possibly antisemitic and sexist, but the fact that he is dead goes some way toward making up for these failings.

D. H. Lawrence

Don’t miss him in this summer’s The Bourne Redundancy.

Freddie Mercury

Not actually alive during the nineteenth century, but his mustache may have been.


6 responses to “Hot Men of the Nineteenth Century

  1. welcome back! have you seen ‘the prestige’? you can catch nikola there. also, nice point re: mustache. also, are you sure saki is a dude?

  2. Fantastic. Dibs on Freddy Douglass.

  3. B: Saki may be a ladydude. I haven’t seen The Prestige because I only see movies that are TV shows, which is to say I only watch movies derived from Sex and the City. Because I’m an animal.

    Z: Right? He looks great in all his pictures and his hairstyles are always spectacular.

  4. z, good thing you didn’t choose Freddie Mercury b/c i don’t think he swung your way.

    g, true blood 2 comes out on may 25th.

  5. One should not forget Sadi Carnot, author of
    “Reflections on the motive power of fire”.

    It seems the only surviving picture of him represents him at age 17, you’ll just have to imagine him at 32 when the book came out.

  6. I’m afraid your taste in dudes runs towards girls.

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