Top Ten Reasons I Hate Working From Home

10.  Have to pay for heat, air conditioning, water, and electricity during the day rather than turn everything down or off if nobody was in the house.

9.  Window looks out into an alley where I have to see rats (both human and rodent) scurrying around engaging in all manner of nefarious activities.

8.  Constant battling of the assumption that working from home means I have unlimited free time which, in turn, results in me doing most of the chores around the house.

7.  Have to wear a dorky headset for phone calls and the wires and ear pieces would tangle up in my hair.

6.  Flexible hours mean that sometimes I feel obliged to get one more application completed before calling it a day (which could mean 9pm) instead of being completely cut off from work the minute I leave the office.

5.  No catching up on quiet reading time on the Metro.

4.  Feel guilty about eating out for lunch when I can prepare most of the same meals at home for less money.

3.  Distracted by racket caused by neighbors doing construction on their house (going on two years now) and by kids crying downstairs (fights usually instigated by AP).

2.  Have to use my own toilet paper.

1.  Who am I kidding?  I love working from home and wouldn’t trade it for anything.


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