Top Ten Reasons I Love Working From Home

10.  Four second commute to the office beats the forty-five minute commute to HQ and avoids traffic, bad weather, and assaults.  As you may recall, I’ve had a time or two or three where I’ve experienced the pitfalls of public transportation and although I miss the reading time, I don’t miss the camaraderie of my fellow commuters.

9.  Flexible hours allow a day to be chopped up into 8am to 10am (break for library/walk/grocery shopping), 11am to 12pm (break for lunch/laundry), 1pm to 3pm (break for snack/pick up kid from school), 4pm to 5pm (break for second snack/call it a day).

8.  No need to meet with clients and, in a related matter, no need to dress for clients.

7.  Can watch Netflix vids on one computer while researching mindless matters on another.

6.   Can boast about being green since telecommuting reduces traffic congestion and traffic accidents, relieves the strain on transportation infrastructures, reduces greenhouse gases, saves fuel, reduces energy use, improves disaster preparedness, and reduces terrorism targets.

5.  Save money and eat healthily by making my own lunch at home or, in the alternative, able to meet husband, sister, parents, family and friends for any meal and in between meals without having to sign in and out.

4.  Grocery shopping in the middle of the day in the middle of the week beats evening and weekend grocery shopping.

3.  Can use the eight hours per week extra free time from not commuting to exercise … er … clean the house … er … blog.

2.  Totally not interested in seeing many of my co-workers in the flesh and so do not miss that aspect at all.  Totally interested in seeing my children and so get to do that more often now (including but not limited to field trips!).

1.  Can write legal briefs in my illegal briefs.


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