Other than Wearing a Monocle Whilst Downing a Pint at the Pub and Ignoring Dental Hygiene

Things for Gojira to do in London (please note, no reference to museums because we know how much you despise them):


6 responses to “Other than Wearing a Monocle Whilst Downing a Pint at the Pub and Ignoring Dental Hygiene

  1. Aw, Baji-san, this is awesome! Can you believe I’ve been so crazed I hadn’t even thought for one second of Boots or Wagamama?!! What is the matter with me? Now my whole trip is planned out and for that I thank you.

    The only thing I had thought for London was how pleased I was that I was not going to go to one single museum or place of culture nor was I going to do anything that would in any way serve to better myself. That’s the beauty of being an adult! (Don’t tell the kids.)

  2. are you telling me that wagamama is not on your mind on a daily basis?

    i wholeheartedly agree with your travel state of mind. we’ve spent our youth traipsing through museums, absorbing cultural points of interest, doing the touristy stuff already. now’s the time to kick back and enjoy the city like any other local would b/c, really, we are locals anywhere!

    i was asking tp for his suggestions (he lived in the UK for a semester) and his only response was ‘find a great indian restaurant.’ that shouldn’t be too hard to do.

  3. ooh! found my travelogue for my trip to the UK in 2002. i spent one day in london. here’s what i did:

    “Left house by 7 to reach Euston Station at 9 bang on the dot. Tate Modern to queue up for the Matisse Picasso exhibit. Tube to Covent Gardens for lunch amidst the buskeres, con artists, fake statues guys, jugglers, “world’s smallest kite flyer,” and a few loud bloody Americans. Nasty pizza; good cappuccino.

    Walked to Leicester Square through part of Piccadilly then tube to Bond Street to wander through Selfridges. Raspberry smoothie, yum; cheesecake, no yum. Took a spin on the “London Eye.” Someone was selling discounted Lonely Planets from the back of his truck under an underpass but there were none that I needed or wanted.

    Up to Marble Arch for some amazing Lebanese food at Maroush. Pharmacy grazing for Klorane products. Return to Euston to catch the 9pm Virgin Train to Birmingham. Brief stint with cops and then home by 11:30. Time for bed.”

    what the?!?! what the hell happened with the cops?! i don’t have a clue! this is why i try to transfer my written slapdash notes to fully formed travelogues immediately. gah!

    anyway, the reason i looked it up was to give you this link. i’d thank you for the excuse to take a stroll down memory lane but with all the potholes and construction work, memory lane is nearly impassable.

  4. Well, to me, “brief stint with cops” would suggest that you joined in and worked along side them, as in “my stint with the Knicks” or “my stint as a carnival barker.”
    There’s no sign of “altercation” or “dust-up” or “run-in” in your notes, so I’d say you’re safe to update the old resume to reflect your time as a bobby.

  5. Oh, and I think there should be bonus points if you stumble across Madonna or Gwyneth Paltrow and loudly and vocally remind them that THEY’RE NOT BRITISH!

  6. very valid points re: nuances of the word ‘stint’ – now that i think about it, i do recall bruising myself severely in my attempts to twirl the baton around to look cool amongst my fellow fuzz.

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