128-Word Recommendation: The Mighty Boosh

Like “This American Life” which made the leap from stage/radio to television, The Mighty Boosh, with our beloved Steve Coogan’s help, has morphed into several seasons’ worth of television and tours.  But how to describe the bizarre, funny, freaky, nonsensical show that makes me feel like I’ve taken crazy pills? It’s about two zookeepers who have surreal adventures that involve everything from mutants to spontaneous musical dance numbers (the best of which is featured below).  The New York Times explained the second season best: “they dispensed with the zookeeping duties and expanded their pantheon of preposterous supporting characters: a talking fox (played by Mr. Barratt) with syringes for fingers; a sea creature (Mr. Fielding) with, shall we say, male and female features.”  Has enough been said?  Thought so.

3 responses to “128-Word Recommendation: The Mighty Boosh


  2. haha, i suspected you’d be the first to comment. 😉

  3. fyi, gojira, my fave is howard moon and i think, after reading this summary of the character, you’ll agree:

    He likes jazz, cream-related poetry, and reptile expert Ms. Gideon. Very few things seem to like him.

    (you KNOW what the cream-related poetry reminds me of …)

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