March Madness

No, not basketball.  No, not even spring cleaning.  The madness of which I speak refers more to this compulsion to acquire books even though our house is already straining at the seams.  For some reason, March has come in like a lion … a frenzied book-buying lion.  I don’t know what has overcome me, but this month has seen my books-to-be-read list completely obliterate my books-I-have-read list.  Some of the blame lies with various libraries around the country which tempt me with “$2 per bag” deals or “take it, it’s free!” gateway offers.    Beg, borrow, or steal – some how, these books have made their way onto my bookshelf this month alone.

Bloomin' Books

In my defense, Pelecanos, MacDonald, and Lewycka were part of the Jacaranda bonanza and if I attribute the $2 towards one of the other books (say, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel, not pictured (because it was too freaking big to fit in my suitcase at the time)), then these were technically free.  Plus, Gojira paid for it, not me.  Also, Barbery, Calvino, Munro, and Strout are borrowed so they don’t count.  The Golden Birds book was only $0.10 and is actually for KG so that shouldn’t even be in there.  Card (who, I just found out, is a neighbor of TP’s parents!), Eggers (which was only bought to replace my missing copy), Hornby, and Klosterman were all bought in an effort to support our local DC libraries and so that’s more of an act of charity than anything else.  And Doyle was part of a cultural awareness giveaway (see below) and also shouldn’t be held against me.  So, really, I’m completely innocent!

Still, what’s a girl to do?  Winter is over and the prospect of curling up under some warm covers isn’t very appealing on an incredible 75 degree sunny day like today.  I just got word that my once-a-week commute to report to HQ has been abolished which means my metro rides (where I did most of my reading) have also fallen by the wayside.  I’ve got my plate full with family, work, exercise, and Season Two of Dexter.  Where will I find the time to read all these books?  Why hasn’t anyone invented some microchip that allows me to download the contents of the books directly into my brain without the time-consuming eye movement, synapse firing, and page turning?  Why am I updating this blog when I should be reading?

[insert abrupt jump to black screen followed by static]


4 responses to “March Madness

  1. I want to read something called “Too much happiness”. I feel like it would be right up my alley.

  2. That is one tasty-looking shelf. I read one of the stories in that Alice Munro book. It was a freebie on Daily Lit and it was excellent.

  3. i guess i know which book i’m going to delve into first. thx, ladies!

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