Happy Birthday, Norbu J. Kitty Cat!

You cruel, cruel thing.


4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Norbu J. Kitty Cat!

  1. Dude, this is like totally exploiting the cuteness of your kids on the interwebs.

  2. So meeeeeeeeeeeeean! Give Zeeps a smoochie for me. Sweet house, though. Is that from LB?

  3. adnan – cute and vicious. deadly combo. also, are you facebookless now?

    gj – he was totally heart-broken. in another vid i tried to capture him at the height of whining when he tried to negotiate eating cupcakes BEFORE lunch but when i brought the camera out, he totally toned it down and comes off as completely reasonable.

    aye, now mangled tent is from LB and KG.

  4. yup, not on facebooks.

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